Friday, November 30, 2012

A Literary Hero To Superhero

When I got back into comic books after a near 15 year hiatus - I began to discover titles like Aquaman, The Green Arrow, Grifter, New X-Men, Avengers Titles, etc.... However, there was one title that seemed to stick out from the rest for me and that was The New 52 Aquaman series written by Geoff Johns who has now become my favorite writer - for the comic book industry at least. When it comes to the Novel world - it'll have to be James Patterson but I have been focusing much of my time with the Comic Book industry than I have with the Novel world.

Geoff Johns has been known to collaborate some of his pieces of work for television shows and some big time movies which makes me feel even better as a writer because it definitely inspires me to want to try my hand at writing a screenplay using pieces of work that I have written. Geoff Johns has inspired me to now own my own Comic Book Company titled, "3rd Level Comics".

Geoff Johns has helped me to write several pieces of work, to include:

"Danny Dire: Detective Of The Dead" Issues 1-4
"Sleepwalkers" Issues 1-6
"Munch" Issues 1 & 2
"Black Fang" Series
"To Be Or Not To Be...Eaten" Series

I am looking to branch out into superhero comics as well. That venture should be really fun. I found three artists that are simply amazing and very eager to work on the current and future projects. So we shall see how things go from now on.

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