Saturday, December 1, 2012

What A Shame

Last night my Wife and I were walking around our Apartment Complex to enjoy the cool weather and we were passing by the main pool area and Elyssa suddenly stopped me and asked me "Who's that man over there?" - This caught me off guard and I looked where she was telling me to look at and I didn't see anyone inside the pool area. She said "You don't see him, he's clear as day!" Of course this had me worried, Elyssa always had these kind of moments and with accurate precision of what she saw and felt which was always kind of scary. Sometimes it was enlightening.

She began to describe him to me and I couldn't help but notice she was describing my Uncle Wayne who passed away several years ago. Despite how others in my family and extended family saw him, I always had felt that I could "see" into him, "understand" him. He was a heavy chain smoker and heavy drinker. The best way to sum it all up about how I saw him against how others saw him, would be to watch the video below.

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