Friday, November 30, 2012

From Writing To Odd Jobs

Recently I have been writing so so so so so so much and don't get me wrong I love writing and I even had a publishing company contact me yesterday, however, I also need to focus on finding a regular job as well. For awhile, I considered doing odd-jobs until I got to that point in time. Today, I posted flyers for house-cleaning to help ease the load on my Wife's shoulders for paying bills and what not.

Today I am going to finish up a script for a comic book titled, "To Be Or Not To Be...Eaten". At first, a long time ago, I wrote it in a novel-ish format and now I am trying to write it as a script so it's more readable and understandable for my artists.

Now that I think about it - it would sure be nice to have some followers for this blog of mine, especially commenting on my posts.

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