Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Everything feels as though it has been spiraling out of control lately. There isn't much that I have been able to do in order to get a handle on it when things start spiraling out of control. Today, my phone was temporarily suspended because I technically have no job and the people I'm "working" for now is not quite paying me anything at all. I had a few mental episodes the last couple weeks. One of which lasted 3 1/2 days that caused me to lose my job that I just started at. I don't know how much longer I can really keep this up for. Today, I applied for Disability because I have noticed that when I go out, I'm still constantly looking for signs of danger all around, it's like I can't relax. I've been becoming even more paranoid. At least there is only one positive side to it though. It's helped to create new ideas for stories but I'm having trouble concentrating so I can write.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Writing Career Begins!

Recently, I landed a freelance writing gig with comicbooked.com - I am so excited about this opportunity. I started on the 6th.

It all started when I had saw an ad on Comic Booked twitter account. They were looking for writer's and I immediately responded. About an hour later - Will Sokolowski replied back wanting an E-Mail interview. My eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. We talked for an hour or so and I got the job right there!!! I couldn't believe how well I had did in the interview process. When Will stated he hadn't formally introduced himself.....I realized I had just interviewed with the CEO & PRESIDENT OF COMIC BOOKED!!!!

Once again, my eyes lit up as if the sun was shining through my eyes! It was so amazing! *enter thought of happy dance here*

The job is like a 3-Month Internship with the added benefit that if you get 5,000 hits or more then you get paid in the meantime. If Comic Booked likes me in the next three months, a contract is drawn up to keep me on. I'm very excited!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Goals: Writing & Fitness

I have been thinking about some goals for my life lately. Two of them have been quite challenging recently.

My first goal is to write at least 2-3 comic book pages per day. This time I really want to be able to take it slow and make sure I'm able to present the best work possible. I think this will also help sharpen my skills as a writer because one day I want to submit scripts to Dark Horse and Image Comics for consideration.

My second goal starting today is to work out at the gym every single day for two hours or. Starting December 4th, 2012 is my start to meet my goal of 50lbs lost by March 1st, 2013.

Wish me luck.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

What A Shame

Last night my Wife and I were walking around our Apartment Complex to enjoy the cool weather and we were passing by the main pool area and Elyssa suddenly stopped me and asked me "Who's that man over there?" - This caught me off guard and I looked where she was telling me to look at and I didn't see anyone inside the pool area. She said "You don't see him, he's clear as day!" Of course this had me worried, Elyssa always had these kind of moments and with accurate precision of what she saw and felt which was always kind of scary. Sometimes it was enlightening.

She began to describe him to me and I couldn't help but notice she was describing my Uncle Wayne who passed away several years ago. Despite how others in my family and extended family saw him, I always had felt that I could "see" into him, "understand" him. He was a heavy chain smoker and heavy drinker. The best way to sum it all up about how I saw him against how others saw him, would be to watch the video below.

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Literary Hero To Superhero

When I got back into comic books after a near 15 year hiatus - I began to discover titles like Aquaman, The Green Arrow, Grifter, New X-Men, Avengers Titles, etc.... However, there was one title that seemed to stick out from the rest for me and that was The New 52 Aquaman series written by Geoff Johns who has now become my favorite writer - for the comic book industry at least. When it comes to the Novel world - it'll have to be James Patterson but I have been focusing much of my time with the Comic Book industry than I have with the Novel world.

Geoff Johns has been known to collaborate some of his pieces of work for television shows and some big time movies which makes me feel even better as a writer because it definitely inspires me to want to try my hand at writing a screenplay using pieces of work that I have written. Geoff Johns has inspired me to now own my own Comic Book Company titled, "3rd Level Comics".

Geoff Johns has helped me to write several pieces of work, to include:

"Danny Dire: Detective Of The Dead" Issues 1-4
"Sleepwalkers" Issues 1-6
"Munch" Issues 1 & 2
"Black Fang" Series
"To Be Or Not To Be...Eaten" Series

I am looking to branch out into superhero comics as well. That venture should be really fun. I found three artists that are simply amazing and very eager to work on the current and future projects. So we shall see how things go from now on.

From Writing To Odd Jobs

Recently I have been writing so so so so so so much and don't get me wrong I love writing and I even had a publishing company contact me yesterday, however, I also need to focus on finding a regular job as well. For awhile, I considered doing odd-jobs until I got to that point in time. Today, I posted flyers for house-cleaning to help ease the load on my Wife's shoulders for paying bills and what not.

Today I am going to finish up a script for a comic book titled, "To Be Or Not To Be...Eaten". At first, a long time ago, I wrote it in a novel-ish format and now I am trying to write it as a script so it's more readable and understandable for my artists.

Now that I think about it - it would sure be nice to have some followers for this blog of mine, especially commenting on my posts.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Smoothie Challenge

Today, after I got home from the gym at my apartment complex..................................it's a nice gym.

I decided I wanted to attempt to make an apple smoothie. I realized I had three apples. I took two of those apples, 4 oz of water, 4 oz of almond soy milk, 2 ice cubes and 1 tbl spoon of sugar.

It didn't turn out too bad but I think I should have peeled the apples first before doing anything lol.

Next time I think I'm going to try apples and carrots together and see how it tastes.